This is a podcast with Kavita Ashok from Delhi, India. Kavita used to be a model who gave up her life of glamour, turned climate activist and went into the field of environmental social work. She runs a small NGO and is active in climate education, environmental issues, plastic pollution and community health. Kavita speaks out about air pollution, migration from rural into urban areas, air and water pollution etc. She talks about how humans try to control nature not according to their need but according to their greed. 

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Air Pollution in Delhi, India

The Podcast

Podcast with Kavita Ashok, Delhi, India – 1/3/2020

Air Pollution

Delhi has a population of nearly 19 million people. The city faced such an air quality crisis that flights had to be cancelled, schools had to be closed and a public health emergency had to be declared.

Indian schoolchildren wearing pollution masks hold placards as they participate in a march to raise awareness of air pollution levels in New Delhi on November 15, 2017. Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images