This is the last reflective blog of my university experience. It reflects on the Community Media Development module as a whole. There were different stages and blogs such as Hinckley Community Media, and Wyoming Community Media. There was also a blog about Contested Spaces, a blogpost about significant spaces for civic engagement in Leicester such as the Clock Tower and Jubilee Square.

This video reflects also on the Climate Expo 2020 and my work for it such as three soundscapes, one was called the Climate Song and was meant to be played when guests arrive at the Expo. The other soundscape was meant for the events room where a photo exhibition was supposed to take place. The Expo has unfortunately been cancelled du to Cover-19.

The video briefly discusses the Twitter campaign with 1,000 new followings over 200 followers gained as well as 200 tweets published. A social media audience development plan is also discussed.

Community Media Development Reflections

Technical Issues

Regarding the video itself, if time allows, I would improve three aspects. Firstly, I would change my dress as it doesn’t contrast well with the background. I originally shot a trial scene with my red hoodie and red scarf and it looked much better.

Secondly, the height of the laptop seems not right because I am looking too much up into the camera. This is because I wanted to connect with the viewer while also looking at my bullet points on the screen. The professional look where speakers read their running script in the lens of the camera is unfortunately not achievable with home equipment. A simple adjustment of my head position and only rely on eye movement from script to camera would have done the trick.

Thirdly, the greenscreen was not lit evenly. It consisted of a green cloth pinned to the wall and the use of a chroma key in After Effects during the editing process. Again, this was an improvised home setup, however, it could have been corrected with the use of an additional lighting source.

The idea of green-screening was not new to me. I used it in my previous reflexive video with convincing results. This was due to the highly contrasting hoodie and the falling snow effect. For this video I tried different backgrounds from exotic locations but felt the library or a bookshelf was more convincing. The inspiration for this came from a Skype call with my tutor and mentor John Coster.