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Setting the Scene

The following is the first of a four part journal about organising a Community Media Expo at De Montfort University. The Expo will take place at the university’s Mill Studios, where three rooms and a lecture theatre are available. There… Continue Reading →

Another News Story

On 26 August 2018, the Phoenix in Leicester screened the film, ‘Another News Story’. Afterwards, John Coster facilitated a panel discussion followed by a Question & Answer session. The Phoenix, a well-known venue for avant-garde film screenings, is situated near St… Continue reading →

Junk Mail Britain

Leicester’s De Montfort University held an evening with the award-winning filmmaker Mark Craig. The event was organised by Ben Archer at the university’s Mill Studios. Mark Craig showcased a short film called ‘Junk Mail Britain’. It makes the point that… Continue Reading →

Brazil without Borders

Today I went to a screening of the documentary film, ‘Fronteira Da Grandeza: Brazil’s Relationship with its Borders’, with the two filmmakers, Dodge Billingsley and Cory Leonard present. I did not know what to expect besides knowing the documentary was… Continue Reading →

Plastic Ocean

I recently signed a petition to introduce a plastic bottle return scheme in the U.K. Throw-away plastic is polluting our environment with ever increasing landfills. However, our oceans take the biggest hit. In the Pacific Ocean is a plastic island… Continue Reading →

Polar Day

Today the Doc Media Centre celebrated Polar Day by screening ‘Chasing Ice‘, a multi-subtitled film released in 2012. This documentary serves as a powerful challenge for man-made climate change deniers. Find below a synopsis of the film as found on… Continue Reading →


Today we had an inspiring afternoon with John Coster at the Doc Media Centre watching the film ‘Lift‘. It is a remarkable production in every aspect, indeed, I have watched it several times over and over. I asked myself the… Continue Reading →

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