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Surviving C21

This blogpost contains a podcast with Julian Cribb. Julian is a distinguished science writer, author and science communicator with more than thirty awards for journalism. He lives in Canberra, Australia. Julian wrote articles for the Guardian and other publications. The… Continue Reading →

Setting the Scene

The following is the first of a four part journal about organising a Community Media Expo at De Montfort University. The Expo will take place at the university’s Mill Studios, where three rooms and a lecture theatre are available. There… Continue Reading →

The Plastic Tap

Increasingly we hear the slogan, #TurnOffThePlasticTap. However, little is known as to what this actually means and where this proverbial plastic tap is to be found. I therefore went on a journey to find this not so mythical tap that… Continue Reading →


Much has been talked about the problem of plastic pollution. Are there any workable solutions in sight? There is much hype about a new ocean cleanup system invented by Boyan Slat. It is called the Passive Cleanup System. How does… Continue Reading →


The following is a reflection on two recent research projects, namely the Hinckley Community Media project and the Leicester Contested Spaces project. The Hinckley research yielded three community media organisations, Fosse107 Radio, Castle Mead Hospital Radio and the Hinckley Times… Continue Reading →

Do you want a bag?

For some time I felt annoyed when arriving at the till of my local Sainsbury’s store and was confronted with the question, ‘Do you want a bag?’ This seemed like a robotic response, no matter how much or how little… Continue Reading →

Feeding the 5,000

On 22 September 2018, Lions Club International, with Krishna Castle London, organised Leicester’s first ‘Feeding the 5000‘ event in the city centre. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of food waste. Feeding the 5,000 in Leicester is… Continue Reading →

More Plastic than Fish

Plastic pollution is all over the news. Last week British prime minister Theresa May announced new measures to discourage plastic use, as far as practicable, by 2045. First of all the world can’t wait another 27 years for this to… Continue Reading →

Plastic Ocean

I recently signed a petition to introduce a plastic bottle return scheme in the U.K. Throw-away plastic is polluting our environment with ever increasing landfills. However, our oceans take the biggest hit. In the Pacific Ocean is a plastic island… Continue Reading →

Polar Day

Today the Doc Media Centre celebrated Polar Day by screening ‘Chasing Ice‘, a multi-subtitled film released in 2012. This documentary serves as a powerful challenge for man-made climate change deniers. Find below a synopsis of the film as found on… Continue Reading →

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